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Information about the transfer of services to Community First

FAQs: Transfer of Services to Community First

DEVELOP has recently announced that it will transfer a selection of key services to Community First. We understand that the sector might have questions about the transfer and the continuity of services which are currently offered by DEVELOP, so we have prepared a series of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answers.

To view the answers to the questions below, please click on the individual tab. We hope that this will help you understand what is happening and how the transfer might affect you.

If your question is not answered in the FAQs and you would like more information, please send us an email:

Why is DEVELOP transferring services to Community First?

Earlier in the year DEVELOP announced that it was ‘at risk’ following the news that Wiltshire Council would not reissue a contract for Infrastructure Support and Development of the Voluntary Sector. This meant that volunteering services, funding support and community development services would no longer be funded by a local authority contract.

Whilst DEVELOP raised some funding, the future financial sustainability of the organisation was still in doubt. DEVELOP wanted to ensure a legacy for its work and, following talks with Community First the decision was made to transfer a selection of key services and staff.

Which services are being transferred to Community First?

The following services will be transferred to Community First:

  • Volunteering services (including Volunteer Connect)
  • The complete resources archive
  • VCSE directory.
  • Support services will also transfer as part of the agreement but this will be offered in a revised and predominantly digital format.

Alongside this, the team transferring from DEVELOP to Community First are responsible for creating a refreshed and consolidated community development offering for Wiltshire. This offering will include existing initiatives including Parent Champions and EnAct as well as several new initiatives including a new community development website and marketing services for the voluntary sector.

When is the transfer taking place?

The transfer will complete on 1st July 2016.

When will DEVELOP officially close?

DEVELOP will remain open as a registered charity in a limited capacity for a period of time following the transfer of services to Community First. The charity has a number of legal and contractual agreements which must be completed before the charity can officially close.

DEVELOP is committed to meeting all of its legal and contractual agreements.

Will access to Volunteer Connect be disrupted during the transfer?

Volunteer Connect is a standalone tool which is operated and hosted by Voluntary Action Sheffield. The tool is fully licensed and will remain open for business during and after the transfer.

DEVELOP will continue to provide clear login information on its website before the transfer until the new volunteering page on the Community First website is available. A member of the team at Community First will continue to approve new organisation registrations, volunteering roles and volunteer registrations as they are added to the Volunteer Connect system.

Access to Volunteer Connect will not be affected by the transfer.

Will DEVELOP maintain a website or other official presence once the transfer is complete?

DEVELOP social media accounts will be closed as of 30th June. You may wish to follow Community First on Facebook or Twitter for regular updates relevant to the sector in Wiltshire.

A basic DEVELOP web page with information about the transfer of services and links to login information for Volunteer Connect will remain live until the new volunteering page on the Community First website is created. Once this page is created, the DEVELOP website will be shut down and the URL redirected to the Community First website at:

Will DEVELOP continue to offer its ebulletin service?

We plan to reintroduce a voluntary sector ebulletin in a new and revised format as part of the new community development offering at Community First. We are currently in the process of developing the format for the new ebulletin and it will relaunch once the new community development initiative is live in the Autumn.

To stay up to date with the latest news from Community First, you can view the newsletter on the Community First website or subscribe to the email newsletter by contacting

What is happening to the DEVELOP membership?

The DEVELOP membership will be wound up following the transfer to Community First and we are no longer accepting new memberships or currently able to offer membership services. Existing members are entitled to a 50% refund on the cost of their 2015-2016 membership. Please contact for more information.

A new, consolidated membership offering will be announced in due course. The offering will include access to digital resources, support services and a new funding calendar. Stay tuned for more information.

Our organisation is a paid member of DEVELOP. Does this mean our membership will transfer to Community First?

There are no plans to transfer DEVELOP membership across to Community First. If you would like to become a member of Community First, you can find out more about Community First membership

Transfer of Services

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